About me

Ilse Mulder

20 years old

The Netherlands | Groningen

Who am I?

My dream growing up was to be a veterinarian, now I’ll have to accept that the only kind of work with animals I’ll have is drawing them.

If I could choose anyone in the world to meet, I would choose P!NK.

My first time sailing I was three, many years later and I still love being on water. Not in it, I always think I’m drowning.

I want 5 dogs, but sadly I don’t think that will actually happen.

I used to live on a camping in the Ardennes (Belgium). During a visit grandpa learned 1 French word, for years he proudly said ‘poubelle’ every time he saw us. ‘Poubelle’ means trash can.

I am obsessed with everything Japanese, the people, the culture, the beautiful environment, the art, the temples, the mythology, and of course how the obsession started, anime.

Shoutout too ‘uitwisseling Delfzijl – Shunan City’ they got me to Japan, and thanks to that I made a lot of new friends.

Last but not least, I have grand dreams for my business and I hope that I can make them all come true.

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